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Polaris first grade art lab

We are Explorers of Art!!

Join us on our exploration of art and materials as we discover the power of observation.


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Art Communicates, how?

Our students will explore art materials, experience different ways of seeing, and discover how artists can use different media to convey meaning. Through these explorations the crew can develop their own understandings of how artists use visual communication.

In our semester unit we will venture forth beginning with learning to how to observe and record our explorations. Then move deeper into exploring how we can use art to communicate our feelings and ideas.

In Julie ‘s first grade class we chose Communication for our unit focus. Visual art is a form of communication, we communicate about ourselves, our environment and our experiences. Through a variety of materials we will explore how art communicates our intentions. We will touch on communicating through visual stories and movement as the lessons progress. Moving through the unit lessons the students used a variety of art materials and processes like painting, clay building, paper and found objects as well as drawing and large scale sculpture techniques. In their own ways each student was able to experience communication through multiple mediums which inspired creativeness and innovation in their peers.

We began with the notion of using art to tell a story, and to share who we are through what we make. This concept still holds true, there’s just been minor aspects that have been added, such as observation and technique. Artists tell stories through their art. They translate their thoughts, emotions, and ideas into visual imagery. This was a large part of what we concentrated on. “What do you want to make, and how can you make that happen?” We started general with learning about detail and observation, then took that learning and lead into more specific lessons, such as creating clay creatures. Most of these lessons were spent over two/three days, which taught that art takes time. It takes time and it can be altered. An artist’s concept can start as one thing and grow into something else!

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