Lesson 3 Day 5: Patterns and Painting! November 18, 2016

Patterns and Repetition:

Painting our Clay creatures.

What is a pattern? How do you know? What is the purpose of patterns? These are all questions we will explore today as we think about what our creature’s colors and patterns might be. Today will be finalizing our creatures with surface treatments, mostly paint but there will be the option of adding feathers or fur. We will also be gluing or repairing any critters that need extra help.

The lesson was opened with a presentation that covered what happened to their creatures while they were ‘away’. There were many questions about the firing process. After they learned how hot the kiln needs to get in  order to fire their creatures one student replied, “That could heat the whole world up!”  Through visuals and questions the crew was also able to show their knowledge about patterns. Using an imagination exercise the crew imagined some possible patterns that their creatures could have and sketched them in their sketchbook for later reference. After sketching they moved to their tables where their creatures waited, painting and diligent work ensued. Some of the crew decided to enhance their creatures with other objects at our enhancement station. When they finished the final treatments of their creatures they each sang a little song about their creature and some of the things it likes to do.

Students engage in Pattern presentation

Lesson Plan

Essential Understanding-

  • Artistic intention is achieved by manipulating techniques to create the desired end product.
  •  Artists use techniques  to make what they want
  • Planning and refinement is an essential component in creating art in all its forms

Learning Target: I can recognize and create patterns.

A student shares with his peers what type of pattern he drew.

Key Concepts-

  • Technique
  • Form
  • Movement
  • Shape
  • Artistic Intent

Skills: How to expand an idea with detail, defining relationships, identifying and using patterns.

Art Focus: Using detail, and surface treatments to enhance the story in their art.

Literary Focus: composing a short song, or short blurb about their creatures.

Literacy Integration – verbalization of process

(Mousing over the pictures will give descriptions)

Please enjoy this short slide show of our 1st grade crew painting their creatures.

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As a fun closing activity we asked the students to create a song about their creatures. Could be anything about their creature. What they do, where they live, or their favorite thing to do.. the possibilities were limitless.    Here are a few of the songs that were shared, not every student wrote a song, or wanted to sing their song,  so we encouraged to them to share with at least one friend later.