Lesson 3 Day 1: Clay Day, Exploration! October 7,2016


Introduction: You’re a professional artist who has never used clay, but wish to create a 3D masterpiece! You start by exploring the material and brainstorming what 3D qualities are. How are they different from 2D art? You start playing with it. How does it feel? Is it easy to form? Does it break easily? Once you get a good feel for how it works, you begin to create sculptures! It’s important for you to take your time to learn what you can do with the material. You then take the step to learn some techniques that make using it easier and successful. These techniques allow you to make a pot! Or a bowl. Or a cup. Today we are going to explore clay!


  • Technique
  • Form
  • Artistic Intent

Enduring Understandings:

  • Artistic intention is achieved by manipulating the proper techniques to create the desired end product.
  • Expression and intent influence materials, technique and form in art.

Learning Targets:

  • “I can use clay to create something 3D.”
  • “I can explore clay, and tools used to sculpt clay.”


  • Spatial reasoning
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Exploration
  • Expression

Art Focus:
Today we explored the properties of clay, we discovered different ways to manipulate the clay into forms and structures. We also discovered how different tools can affect the surface of the clay.

Lesson opening: First student question, “Are we playing with clay today?”
Students discovering the difference between 2D and 3D objects. “That one is flat but that one is fat.” “I am ready to play with clay, shush!”
“I am shaving my clay!”
“The arms ‘grew’ out of the body.”
Student discovery quotes

Here you will find some amazing video clips of our students in action.

“I made a Square!”

Sharing shapes

“I tried really hard..”

“It’s too small for people, it is big enough for worms.”