Lesson 3 Day 3: Creature Creation Continues October 28,2016

Introduction: This week we finished up the creatures we started last week. We will be adding final details and checking to make sure that our creatures will stay together when firing.

An artist sometimes will make multiple sculptures to either practice a skill they have learned, have options to choose the best from, or work in series (multiples of related objects). We will be taking our clay and making multiples of our creatures, and we will add some new and interesting textures to those creatures. Problem solving is a part of making art, sometimes the problems are small “What type of material should I use for this project?” and sometimes the problems are bigger “I wonder why this structure appeared to be strong before I fired it and now it is in pieces.”

Lastly, we took a class vote on what we will make next week, and decided to create habitats for our creatures!

Essential Understanding: Students finalized their creatures by focusing on slipping and scoring, creating texture, and making multiples.

Learning Targets: Students learned how an artist expands his/her ideas and that a project can span over several days.

Key Concepts: texture | slip and score | multiples

Skills: How to expand an idea with detail, as well as considering making more than one.

Art Focus: The importance of slipping and scoring and making a clay piece strong to withstand the kiln and long amounts of time. Texture can be made an infinite amount of ways with numerous different materials.

Literary Focus: Vocabulary – multiple | slip and score

Literacy Integration – verbalization of process


This student had a bit of trouble img_1833manifesting an idea for his creature. However, his ability to play lead him to make this small sculpture. He explored immensely with texture, and allowed his ideas to flourish. He wanted to make a volcano creature so began by molding a triangle shape and adding texture. He then attempted to have in stand on its own. A teacher commented on its flat form, and he defended his work by explaining that was how he wanted it. He made the base a bit bigger so it could stand, and began to add on.


                                                                                        Here we see a student creating a habitat for her creature. “I made a habitat, it’s a mushroom house.” She began with a small piece of clay and added texture to that with a screen; this became the “roof.”


This pictures shows a student creating his creature based off of his drawing. He planned to make a large body with small tentacles, and worked tentatively to accomplish this.


“Bird-fish” October 28, 2016

“How to slip and score at the same time” October 28, 2016

“Dolphin with a tutu” October 28, 2016

Other Quotes

-When asked what does multiples mean? “It means more than one.”

-While discussing their art making process “Try to put it back on, and it broke.”

-“If you use any tool with an edge, you can make it really flat.”