Lesson 3 Day 2: Creature Creation October 21, 2016

“Where does clay come from?”

Introduction: You  are  Artists that have just  discovered a new animal that has never been seen before. It’s your job to record your new animal, but your camera is out of film!! How can you record your animal to show your friends? There is a lot of clay around you, perhaps you can sculpt the animal or creature you see out of clay. Once your clay is dried you can add more details to the sculpture to capture colors and textures of the creature you saw.

Enduring understandings:

Artistic intention is achieved by manipulating techniques to create the desired end product.

Planning and refinement is an essential component in creating art in all its forms.

Learning Targets:

“I can use the techniques I learn to make what I want.”

“I can use clay to  create a new animal. ”

“I can explain the story that might be found in a work of art.”

Key Concepts:

Technique, Form, Movement, Shape ,Artistic Intent


  • Critical thinking
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Connecting information


Art Focus:

Today’s work including further investigation of clay, learning importance of tools and techniques, drawing from observation (broadly), and using familiar art materials.

“It looks like a snake-dino-bird thing.”
“Can we draw it in our Notebook?”



Video moments:

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