Lesson 2 Day 2: What Do You See?September 23-2016

This student is considering the details of his example art poster.
These students found mixing on the paper towel provided more interesting results. “Can we keep this, we worked hard together.”


Project description/Expedition: 

“Today we are all going to be members of the Explorers At Polaris Club. As members of The Explorer Club we make paintings and share them with our friends! Last week, we made binoculars and observed some art posters. This week we are going to observe more art and focus on details because that is a very important skill for artists. We will end with a final painting using acrylic paints!. While deciding what our final painting will be, we’ll spend some time mixing colors and learning about how to use acrylic paint!”





Essential Understanding: 

    • Students can paint what they know.
    • Students  can put  lines, shapes, textures, and colors they  see into their own paintings.
    • Students  can talk about what they see.

Inquiry/Learning target:

Exploration of materials and  techniques used in painting

Key Concept(s):



Students are confidently recording details!




Students will create images inspired by their imagination.  Students will be able to use color mixing to create colors to use in their work 

Art Focus:

Students will be exploring color mixing with acrylic paint, paint brushes, and pieces of paper.

Literacy Focus: 

Vocabulary:  Binoculars, telescope, observation, working critique, artist statement, detail

Video Links:

Click here to see color mixing in action!
Color mixing is an adventure, click here for a video.